Ealdham Primary School

Swanage 2017

Monday 19th June 2017

What a fab day we have had. Even though the coach journey was long, the children were so well behaved and no one moaned. When we arrived we had to walk our cases up to the centre. It was absolutely gorgeous looking at the view of Swanage Bay as we walked around the centre. After lunch, we walked down to the beach and we stayed there for two hours playing on the sand and paddling. We had an ice cream sitting on the prom overlooking the bay. Dinner was fish fingers and chips and cake and ice cream - yummy. We made our beds, with some help and then wrote to our parents - posted tonight. Our evening was spent on the beach and it was great because we had the beach to ourselves playing football and paddling, it was so warm. We all had our caps on and had lots of water. Izel had her birthday cake with hot chocolate. Everyone enjoyed their shower and then went to bed. All asleep at 10. What a day!

 Tuesday 20th June 2017

What a busy day we have had.
The children went to sleep straight after lights out last night and were awake this morning all happy. We had time for a quick game before our big breakfast. We walked to the train station with our sun cream and hats carrying our water.  The steam train was very entertaining and the volunteer staff were very friendly. Once at  Corfe Castle we were amazed at the beauty of the village. We listened to Scott tell us the stories of the castle in time gone by while we sat in the shade drinking water. It is amazingly hot but we are drinking lots of water and reapplying sun cream. People said how well behaved we were three times today! Wow.
We got the train back to Swanage and had a bottle of water and ice lolly as we walked to the beach. It was wonderful paddling in the cool sea and building sand castles: we had so much fun.
Walking back to the centre we felt tired but we soon got a second wind playing on our field. Dinner was pasta bake, salad, coleslaw and garlic bread followed by fresh fruit and cream. Delicious.
 After writing our diaries in the class room, we returned to the beach to play volley ball and had chips while we looked at the sea. It was as still as a pond.
After a much needed shower, we had after sun and water before bed and sleep.
Another excellent day was had by all. To see their smiles and hear their laughter makes for wonderful memories.

Wednesday 21st June 2017

What another fabulous day we have had together.
Our breakfast today was cereal, toast, hash browns and beans. We got a coach to Studland where we walked through the woodlands and played forest bingo. We had a game in the sand dunes and then looked for shells on the beach. Our lunch time was spent in the shade eating our picnic looking out to Old Harry Rocks.
As I said yesterday, we didn't do the 6 mile walk because of the extreme weather so we got the coach back to Swanage bay. We spent the afternoon paddling to cool down and used the buckets and spades to build sand structures.  Two members of the public stopped and commented on how brilliant our children are.
Graham the trustee of Wide Horizons said our children were amazing. We walked back paddling in the shoreline and when we arrived at the classroom we wrote our diaries.
Dinner was chicken pie, new potatoes, carrots and broccoli and strawberry mousse. The children spent their evening in the tuck shop, playing football or on the trim trail all overlooking Swanage Bay. We came back to our rooms and had showers, after sun and water in bed. All children are asleep now.
What a brilliant time we are having and what fabulous memories your children are making. Your children are a credit to Ealdham and to you.

Thursday 22nd June 2017

Another fabulous day. We had a delicious breakfast of bacon and poached eggs to get us ready for the walk through Durlston Country Park where we saw a light house, a quarry and a castle. We watched the birds flying over the sea and had fun looking at the stone globe. We learnt how to use a compass and did some orienteering finding our way back to the castle. After lunch looking out over the bay, we watched a film and learnt about fossils and rocks. Using more orienteering through photos we made our way down to Swanage bay where we spent time on the beach. Fortunately we had ice creams while we looked out over the bay.
After another wonderful meal of pizza, wedges and salad and chocolate cake and cream we packed our cases and showered for the disco. Our children looked beautiful: faces beaming with happiness while they danced and had fun. What a fun evening.
Back in the dorms, we cleaned our teeth and were in bed and asleep in minutes.
We have had a wonderful week. The children are such a joy and credit to us all.