Ealdham Primary School

Swanage November 2017

Monday 27th November 2017

The children were so excited for their trip to Swanage. They loved the coach journey and made it in good time arriving at 1pm. They stopped on the way for a quick break and had lunch on arrival.

They unpacked their things and settled in having to make their own beds! (Yes, they really did!)

Having unpacked they couldn't wait to see the beach. They wrapped up warm and all headed to the beach. Even though it was a bit chilly they thoroughly enjoyed playing.

Back to the centre for their dinner, hot chocolate, shower and bed. All slept well.

Tuesday 28th November 2017

Today they went to Corfe Castle. The weather was brilliant sunshine and it wasn't that cold. They searched the ruins and took a leisurely walk round.

After lunch they went into the class room and made their own castles. They worked so well together - a real team effort. Some great castles as you can see from the photos.

They also visited the beach again and are just enjoying the fresh air, being with their friends and having their own adventures. Plenty of stories to tell when they return.

Their behaviour has been impeccable and were all showered and ready for bed earlier tonight as they were exhausted. Ready for a new day.

Wednesday 29th November 2017

All the children slept well and were refreshed and ready for their six mile walk!

Sharon reported that the weather was freezing today but the children were really good and the long walk kept them warm! Having spent most of the day out they returned to warm up and they were looking forward to going to the tuck shop and having a film night.

A very active day with some very tired children but loving every minute. A nice hot shower, hot chocolate and ready for bed. I would like to emphasize how well behaved the children have been. They really are a credit to you and the school.

Thursday 30th November 2017

What another fabulous day they have had and are still having! After a lovely breakfast they headed to Durlston Castle where they investigated the surrounding area and took in all the wonderful views. Hopefully your children would of took some lovely photos to show you their journey through their eyes.

The weather has been cold there today so when they got back the boys warmed up playing a lengthy game of football! The girls chilled out around the centre playing games and chatting. 

They were so lucky early evening when they had a visit from the big guy. They met Father Christmas and assured him they'd all been good! Even the teachers had a go at convincing him.

Tonight is the disco and I will update some photos as soon as I receive them.

Feedback is, every single child has been so well behaved and having the most fabulous time.

One more night and your babies will be home tomorrow.

Friday 1st December 2017

The disco went well and a great time was had by all.

The children are excited to be coming home but also want to stay as they have really enjoyed themselves.

Everyone was ready and packed early but managed one last activity which was orienteering.

The coach left the centre at 11:15am. The update is they're due back at 3:30pm depending on traffic.

What a fantastic week your children have had. How proud Ealdham are of all your children.