Ealdham Primary School

Children in the early years choose from wide range of activities so that all achieve well, irrespective of their ability, gender or background.   Ofsted

Early Years and Admissions

We have two large Nursery rooms and a dedicated outside space. We can offer morning or afternoon sessions. For those parents who are entitled to the 30 hour funding then we can offer a full day place for your child. More information is available on the government website here https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/
Currently, we have three scheduled admissions to Nursery through the year: September, January and April (after Easter). Your child is able to start Nursery the term after their 3rd birthday.

Birthday falls between                              Begin Nursery
- 1st April -31st August                             September
- 1st September – 31st December           January
- 1st January – 31st March                       April

If you are interested in applying for a place, please complete and return this form.

Word icon Nursery Application Form        
We are delighted that you are considering enrolling your child here at Ealdham Primary School. Ealdham is a two form entry school which means that we can welcome 60 children into Reception each year. All Admissions for Reception are made through your Local Authority. Please follow this link to the Greenwich primary admissions page: http://royalgreenwich.gov.uk/primaryadmissions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
You need to apply through your local authority for a place in Reception

How many children are in the Reception?
There are two classes with 30 children in each class

If my child is at Nursery at the school will they automatically get a Reception place?
No, your child will not be given a place unless you fill in a common application form and submit it to your local authority. If your child is in our Nursery it is very likely that they will be able to join Reception but you do need to apply for a place.

If my child’s older siblings are at the school already will they get a place?
It is likely that a place will be offered to your child if they already have siblings at the school.

What do the classrooms look like?
The Nursery and two Reception classes are on the ground floor and are next door to each other. Each class has space for creative play, a book corner and several different activity areas inside and outside. Our children learn through play and have equal access to both the indoor and outdoor classrooms. We have a balance of adult led and child led play, gathering at key times during the day for stories, phonics and maths sessions, for example. Each class has a fully interactive whiteboard.

I have twins, will they be separated or be in the same class?
If you have twins then we are happy to discuss with you whether you would like them to be in the same class or separated. In the Early Years a part of the day is free flow so even if they are in separate classes they will still be able to see each other through the day.

When will I find out which school my child has been given?
If you applied online you will able to find out which school you have been offered on 16th April 2024. The deadline to apply by is 15th January 2024. If you applied through a paper form then it may take a day or so longer to receive your offer by post.

What should I do to prepare my child for school?
Communication is key! Have a look through our welcome booklet together and talk about what they are going to be doing, where they will be going and who they will see. Practise getting dressed by themselves, going to the toilet and using cutlery at lunchtime. These are all key skills to practise to develop independence and help your child to help themselves at school. Here is a handy guide full of top tips: https://www.pacey.org.uk/Pacey/media/Website-files/school%20ready/PACEY_preparingforschool_guide.pdf

What happens at Lunchtime? Can my child have a school dinner?
All children from Reception to Year 6 are now entitled to a free school meal as part of the universal free school meals scheme. This is usually a choice between two hot meals, a vegetarian option, jacket potatoes and salad.  Alternatively, children can bring in their own packed lunch.