Ealdham Primary School

Back to School Arrangements

Dear Parents and Carers,

I sincerely hope you had a lovely summer break and managed to enjoy the fantastic weather - that's if you like it hot of course. I also hope you continued to stay safe and well as we all make pigeon steps back to normality, or as near as we will be able to get!

The government's policy is that school is part of that return to normal life and we are here ready to welcome all the children back on 7th September.  I'm sure there are a whirl of emotions flying about for you and your children including anxiety, excitement, relief and a mixture of all three!

The feelings and welfare of the children are at the forefront of our plans for September.  There are of course changes that we have had to put in place but much of the school day will appear familiar to them.  The school successfully remained open for the children of key workers over last term and while there is no doubt having all the children back raises further challenge, I am confident that with your support we can successfully navigate through this next phase.

As I said  last year, while we have put measures in place to encourage social distancing between class bubbles and year groups and to reduce the risk of infection as much as we can, I must stress again that young children want to be together and close to each other.  Children want to be made to feel safe and cared for by the adults looking after them. I would want the same for my own child.

This is why is it so important that we work closely with you and your family to ensure we minimise the risks as far as possible. I urge you, if you haven't done so already, to make yourself familiar with the drop off and collection times, and locations for your year group and to stick to them.  I have attached a copy for your convenience along with the COVID home/school agreement.  Please ensure you maintain social distancing on the playground and in areas of possible congestion such as gateways.  Once your child has been dropped off, please leave the site immediately and avoid gathering outside the school where possible.

I know we are all used to this way of living by now, but your patience, cooperation and support are still greatly appreciated and still very much needed.

We have proved beyond question that when we work together we overcome these significant challenges and I have no doubt we will continue to do this over the term ahead.

Kind regards

Christian York
Ealdham Primary School