Ealdham Primary School

Aims and Values

Our Values

All stakeholders (children, parents, staff, governors) had a say on what our school truly values.

These are the core values that everybody at Ealdham Primary School believes in:

  • Happiness
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Resilience


We believe that these values are at the core of our school, ensuring that children:

  • Feel valued, happy and have good mental wellbeing
  • Are kind to themselves, each other and the things around us
  • Treat everybody with respect
  • Look after their classroom, the school building and the environment
  • Respect their right to learn and the right for others faiths, opinions, ideas and beliefs to be heard
  • Have a 'growth mindset' and know how they can tackle any situation
  • Have a range of experiences which include exploration and reflection through a balance of different topics and activities
  • Develop strong bonds of care, love and respect and for each other
  • Know that their individuality and uniqueness is celebrated
  • Understand their rights and responsibilities and develop skills for their future

    Promoting, teaching and learning of Ealdham values takes place in the following ways:

  • Teachers explaining the meaning of each value

  • Children reflecting on the value and what it means to them and their own behaviour

  • Children’s actions being guided by the values

  • Staff modelling values through their own behaviour

  • Ensuring values are taught through every aspect of the curriculum

    At Ealdham we actively promote British Values. Please click here to view why Ealdham is proud to be British.